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We Are Happy To Be Here For You

Posted by Ren Rutledge
Ren Rutledge
Ren Rutledge - Supporting and praying for all people called of God with prayer a
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on Sunday, 22 July 2012
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It is always a thrill to receive email and telephone calls with reports of people being blessed as they listen to the various preachers on this website delivering the precious Word of the Lord.  Some have testified that they have actually been brought to the truth by ministers on this site who passed from this life years ago, but the message they preached continued to have a powerful and lasting effect today.  We still have thousands of messages to add as we continue to move forward with the open door that no man can shut.  

If you have audio or video tapes from the past that feature outstanding messages, please consider sending them to us so we can preserve the messages for future generations.  The tapes will sooner or later fade away, and if there is no back up for the messages they will be forever gone and nobody will be able ever hear them again.  

Since we know that this site is helping many people, let's continue to support the effort by sending in tapes, making donations and buying the CDs as they are made available.  These preaching CDs have been a mighty blessing for many people around the world.  Each CD features at least 100 Apostolic messages in mp3 format.  That amounts to about about 100 hours of preaching on each CD.  These are wonderful tools to give to friends to help them to draw closer to the Lord.  New converts can really be helped by listening to these recordings.

Please feel free to contact Ren Rutledge at any time as we continue onward.

Ren Rutledge

207 Main Street

Norwich, Connecticut 06360

Telephone 860-823-1953



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